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BBC Baillie-out Plan

Poor, poor Georgina Baillie. How could she have possibly known what a dirty snake Russell Brand would turn out to be? Following Brand’s resignation, and Ross’s 2 million pound salary cut, Georgina is reputedly now “thrilled because justice has been done,” 23 year old Georgina’s disgust at the “despicable” actions of Ross and Brand was echoed by the sudden moral indignation of a very vocal British public and, of course the self-righteous tabloid press.

It seemed the only solution to the BBC’s crisis was a bailout plan, intended to regain public confidence in the quality programming of the BBC.  After the Prime Minister’s reprimands, a situation of confusion and a serious consideration of privatising the taxpayer-funded institution is under way, as BBC execs splutter excuses and flounder and flail about like fish out of water  – who was on holiday? How did this unedited broadcast slip through the net?

The Sachsgate scandal provides a microcosm of the global finance crisis, of course in terms of media and communication. The key concepts being: greed and laziness. Picture an unwitting Baillie as the linchpin, and Britain’s highest earning broadcaster, Ross (earning a cool 18 million for a three-year deal with the BBC), and Russell Brand – MTV award host, androgynous fashion icon, comedian, sometime sports columnist, and self-professed sex addict – as the Rasputinic Alpha Male fat cats at the top of the food chain, giddy on their power trip, and rolling in taxpayers money.

Who’s to blame?

Like those crafty mortgage lenders, who enticed  an innocent but willing Joe public into thinking they could afford their own homes, “Sachsgate” came as the result of TEMPTATION, thoughtlessness, and a lack of intervention on the part of the higher powers (read ‘BBC overlords’).

Joe public will not suffer too greatly from the loss of “quality” broadcasters such as Ross and Brand, although those taking part in tomorrow’s protest outside the Daily Mail offices and the 15,000 strong Facebook Support group for the pair might seem to suggest that many die-hard supporters believe otherwise.

Change people can believe in…

This is because the British public are actually faced with no viable alternative – the BBC have been dying a slow death in terms of quality broadcasters and programming for years. The fact that British audiences for reasons of nostalgia and tradition, and a vain hope for change in terms of broadcast entertainment, hold onto “the best of British talent” – ie. a couple of broadcasters who are currently being paid to make a name for themselves peddling juvenile twitterings and smutty innuendo, is simply pathetic.

I have no doubt that both Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand are intelligent and informed men; however, this was certainly not evident from the embarrassing Sachs broadcast, and a skeptical audience may fear the BBC is making some dangerous manoeuvers by letting a couple of drunk drivers take the wheel. BBC radio seems to be careering from a  mundane intellectualism into a state of mindless obscenity in a seemingly shameless attempt to curry favour with a youth audience.

Please, BBC Director General, no more of the same. Give the British public the CHANGE WE NEED.

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