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Could Benghazi Attack Sink Obama Election Victory?

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What A Twit!

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The political gaffes they wish they hadn’t tweeted…

Story by: Michael Kaedig

Twitter is fast becoming the most dangerous vehicle for political ammunition. Delivering an immediate kidney punch in just 140 characters, it’s hardly surprising that raging passions and immediate access to a smartphone have created a surge in PR disasters from hot-headed politicians who have tweeted then deleted. As David Cameron famously said “Too many tweets makes a twat.” Isn’t that the truth?

Valerie Trierweiler: Catfight 

François Hollande

François Hollande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most recently in the news for having affairs with  Socialist president (and then husband of Segolene Royal), Francois  Hollande, as well as the married Conservative politician Patrick Devedjian at the same time, Miss Trierweiler created a stir back in June after sending a Twitter message encouraging voters to support  Segolene Royal’s rival in the parliamentary elections. Miaow!

Jack Welch: Cooking Lessons

Former G.E. boss tweeted “Unbelievable jobs numbers … these Chicago guys will do anything … can’t debate so change numbers,” in response to Preisdent Obama’s announcement during the debate that the September jobs rate stood at 7.8%.  His incredulity was in part because the new numbers brought the unemployment down to below 8% for the first time in the past four years. When grilled by Anderson Cooper, Welch remained unapologetic for his remarks despite admitting that he had no real evidence for his accusations.  Welch now says he should have added a question mark to the tweet, to show he was questioning rather than accusing the Obama administration of outright fraud.

Dorries vs Mensch

Twitter 6x6

After Ms Dorries accused Mrs Mensch of unprofessionalism during the Murdoch trial, in which she left early to pick up her child from school, of  “putting her own ambitions first” and of being “devoid of principle”, fellow Conservative MP Mensch responded with the following tweet:

 “Waking up to find self on the Nadine Dorries naughty step, which is a pity as I spend my entire life worrying about what she thinks (ahem).”

A Weiner For All Seasons

The career of Democratic US Congressman Anthony Weiner was effectively over after he tweeted a sexual photo of himself  to a young supporter. Weinergate proved that if you’ve got skin in the game, you should be mindful how you play it. Embarrassing stuff. Jack Welch: Obama Cooking the Books on Jobs

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Down And Out In London

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LG office passes out groceries with Second Har...

LG office passes out groceries with Second Harvest Food Bank – Dec. 06 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Have you got any identification?” a smiling elderly woman asks, her eyebrows crinkling upwards as she continues to question the toothless,

bemused Arab man, who seemingly oblivious to the question, repeats his name and address over and over again.

Another volunteer from the Mission comes over to help, he speaks a little more forcefully, “Identification. Your passport?”

His efforts are met with a quizzical look from the man, who furrows his brows in confusion then repeats his name again. The tattooed volunteer throws his arms up in the air in an exasperated gesture of defiance before muttering under his breath, “I just don’t know why they keep doing this.” The subject of his frustration being either a case worker, or a social worker; in any case, he was referring to ‘the man’ rather than the man before him.

Sucking on a tea soaked bourbon biscuit whilst waiting for the Food Bank pick up, I remembered the confusion of moving to another country and the awful silences when I was pressed for an answer in the gaps between sentences of people jabbering at me with an alien tongue. I studied the man before showing him my own passport in the hope that a visual aid would help to trigger his understanding. His eyes brightened. A flash of light!

“Paszport”  he articulated slowly, as the Mission workers smiled and heaved a sigh of relief, only to realise that their sentiments were a little premature. “I lost my passport.”